Bullet Train Developer Documentation

Many Weeks of Work, Already Done!

Not only does Bullet Train do all the things it says on the box with a test suite to prove it, but we’ve pulled all those libraries and features together in a way that will feel consistent to your users from day one. There have been many months of effort refining, improving, and adding to the core functionality of Bullet Train, and there were many design decisions and time-consuming debugging sessions along the way. By using Bullet Train as your foundation, you’re saving most of that time both now and in the future. It’s like hiring someone to manage all of these features in your application, and keep improving them as well.

This Documentation is Your Documentation

Bullet Train is designed to be customized and extended by the development teams that use it. For that reason, this documentation lives in the same repository as your own application code. It's our intention that anytime developers on your team modify or customize Bullet Train in some way, they can also include updates to the documentation at the same time.


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