The Bullet Train Philosophy

It’s Just Rails on Rails!

Developing a Bullet Train app is the same as developing a Rails app. If you’re familiar with Ruby on Rails, everything within your Bullet Train app should be familiar and understandable to you. We strive to stick with Rails defaults and adhere to Rails conventions whenever possible.

Simple Distribution

Instead of using Rails application templates or generators, Bullet Train is simply distributed as a repository that you can clone and begin customizing or building on top of.

Completely Customizable

Although we incorporate some popular third-party gems that provide incredible functionality, Bullet Train itself isn’t distributed as a Ruby Gem and its functionality isn’t concealed within one. This means you’re not limited to configuration settings and values that we’ve thought to make available, but all of Bullet Train’s major functionality is available as well-documented code right within your project. If you need to modify something the framework provides, you can do that right in your own repository!

Next-Generation Code Generation

Bullet Train's Super Scaffolding automates the steps required to build out the views and controllers around your domain model. This means much less focus on technical minutia and more focus on your business domain and what actually makes your product unique.

Extremely Well Commented

While Bullet Train assumes you are familiar with Rails development norms, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that any non-standard Rails code is so well documented that developers of every experience level can easily read the narrative and understand the intention behind our code.

Fully Responsive Interface

Every single page of your app works on mobile by default.