Integrating Stripe to Enable Pricing Page and Subscriptions

  1. Get your test-mode Stripe API keys at and configure them as STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY and STRIPE_SECRET_KEY in your environment. I do this by creating a config/application.yml file (which will be ignored by Git) and populating it like so:

(The keys above are just an example and actually not valid for use.)


By default, Bullet Train applications come configured with four plans, offering a "Basic" and "Pro" product with "Monthly" and "Annual" pricing options and there are two separate pricing tables for displaying the "Monthly" and "Annual" options. Obviously your own product's pricing structure might vary substantially from this, but having these as a baseline helps streamline testing.

  1. Run rake bullet_train:setup:populate_stripe_products to push the default products and prices over to Stripe. This script will output some environment values you'll need to copy into config/application.yml.

  2. Run rake db:seed to create corresponding plans and pricing tables for your application.

  3. Run rails restart to ensure the new Stripe configuration takes effect.

You can now refresh the homepage and test your pricing page by clicking on the "Pricing" link on the homepage, and proceed to sign up. In test mode, you can use "4242424242424242" as a credit card number to get past the payment page.